The Hans Peter Porsche Model Railway Museum

Hans-Peter Porsche is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the automobile designer of the famous VW Beetle. Since his childhood, Hans-Peter Porsche was collecting tin toys from Marklin, from Bing and from other manufacturers. A few years ago, he decided to present his collection of toys to the public in a special museum. This museum is called "Traumwerk Porsche" in the German language, meaning "Dreamworks Porsche" in the English language. Please, visit Mr. Porsche's website at www.hanspeterporsche.com. In addition to the tin toy collection, there is a large event hall for Porsche cars and a very large model railway layout. Outside, there is also a railroad and a playground for children. The Dreamworks model railway museum is located in the South of Germany. The large model railway layout has an exhibition area of more than 400 square meters and shows the three countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Unique and sensational light effects and sound effects simulate the daytime and the weather. You must have seen this overwhelming model railway museum in person. Please, enjoy more than 180 impressive photos of the three model railway layout sections Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The Hans Peter Porsche Model Railway Museum

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