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Register of Model Railways and Railroad Exhibitions

This website is intended to answer only one question: Where are the finest, largest model railway layouts in the world? Pilentum would like to create a register of permanent indoor and outdoor model railway exhibitions, model railroad layouts, miniature worlds and model train displays. Everything is wanted: Commercial operators, clubs, railway museums, exhibits, associations and much more. The size of the exhibition is not important. Also the scale of the model railway installation is not significant. Pilentum would like to build up an overview for all friends of toy trains all over the world. Below you will find some entries of model railways and railroad exhibits. These entries are always based on the same schema: Name, description and Internet address.

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The Workshops Rail Museum

Inside the museum, there is a model railway layout of Queensland with more than 90 m² of model depicting scenes from the state's extensive rail network. For example: Brisbane’s suburban network with electric and diesel trains operating. Central Queensland’s coalfields and diesel coal trains. North Queensland’s sugarcane fields and a mill with a sugarcane train. An Outback town with a rail motor operating. North Queensland's Kuranda area and iconic bridge and Sky Rail. And, the Darling Downs wheat district.


Miniatur Tirolerland

This permanent, indoor model railway exhibition is a new attraction in the city of Vienna, Austria.
The layouts presents famous Austrian landscapes, Austrian model trains and more.


Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad

The Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad is Canada's largest Marklin model railway layout, with up to 45 computer controlled trains running through very detailed landscaping with European style towns and houses. There is also a car system running on some roads.

St. Jacobs and Aberfoyle Model Railway

Presenting Southern Ontario during the 1950's St. Jacobs and Aberfoyle Model Railway is one of North Americas finest model railroad layouts in O scale. It is a huge miniature world accurately portrayed to every last detail.


Království železnic

This is the biggest model railway in the Czech Republic, in the centre of Prague. There are hundreds of meters of railway tracks, models trains, miniature cars, and an interactive model of Prague at more than 3,100 m².


Modelbane Europa

In the city of Hadsten, Denmark, Modelbane Europa is one of the largest model railway exhibitions in Scandinavia. There are two large computer controlled layouts, a German layout and a Danish layout. In total, more than 80 trains are running on 150 square meters.


Semaforo - Kouvolan Pienoisrautatiemuseo

The Kouvola Model Railroad Museum is a meeting place for railway enthusiasts. Do you know how a steam train works? Do you know how many tons of coal does the fireman shovel into an engine's furnace? Do you know about the future of the railway transport or the speed of modern trains? If you want to know the answers to all these questions then visit this model railway museum in Kouvola. Inside the exhibit, there is a large model railway layout of Märklin's sytems.


Mini World Lyon

It is a fantastic miniature world built in HO scale in France.
Actually, there are 150 model trains running on two kilometers of railway tracks.

Musée Rambolitrain

This museum was founded in 1984 by two railway model enthusiasts, Jacques Visbecq and Alain Baldit. Inside the museum, there is a collection of more than 4,000 toy trains which were produced during the 19th and 20th century. Also, there is a functional model railway in gauge 0 or 1/43.5 scale.


Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

A new attraction in the South of Germany. It is a model railway museum, toy museum and car museum made by Porsche. The model railroad, 400 m², presents landscapes of Austria, Germany and Switzerland in HO scale.

Miniatur Wunderland

The Miniatur Wunderland is a model railway attraction in Hamburg, Germany, and the largest of its kind in the world. In October 2016, the railway consisted of 50,525 ft of track in HO scale. Of the 73,195 sq ft of floorspace, the model railroad layout takes 16,038 sq ft.


Helikon Kastélymúzeum

Inside the Helikon Kastélymúzeum vistors can discover one of Europe's largest model railway exhibitions. 75 trains run according to timetable on 2,700 meters of tracks surrounded by 1,800 buildings.

Mini Magyarország

Mini Magyarország (Mini Hungary) is a model park in which buildings, railways and boats have been redesigned in every detail. In this miniature world, there are the legendary locomotives and the most beautiful station buildings of the Hungarian railway history. Furthermore, there are several buildings, mansions, churches, mini castles, tunnels and bridges crossing over 280 meters of mini railways.


In the city of Budapest, Hungary, MINIVERSUM is a gigantic, beautifully detailed and decorated model train layout featuring many sights and landscapes of Hungary, Austria and Germany. MINIVERSUM is one of the largest miniature exhibitions in the world. There are more than 1,200 miniature cars and 100 trains rolling through 14 towns and cities on 1,300 metres of railway tracks in HO scale.


National Rail Museum of India in New Delhi

Inside the National Rail Museum of India in New Delhi, there is India’s largest working railway model layout in 1/87 scale. It is one of the most popular attractions for people of all ages. Miniature India depicts different kinds of landscape models. The working models, passenger trains, goods train, bullet trains, mono rail, metro trains, and even steam trains in the hilly region will enthrall one and all. You can also watch a cricket match at the model Wankhede Stadium.


West Cork Model Railway Village

At West Cork Model Railway Village you can enjoy a fun family day out in Clonakilty. Walking into the Model Village you step back in time and see life as it was in the 1940's. See the old West Cork railway line portrayed in delightful miniature serving the towns. The models and figurines are handmade at the Model Village to a scale of 1/24.


Associazione Fermodellistica Pratese

Esposizione del plastico della Direttissima Bologna-Prato.
Piazza Della Stazione 22 in 59100/59021 Vaiano, Prato, Italy.

Associazione Fermodellistica Primavera

Fermodellisti Alto Vicentino

Il Mondo dei Treni in Miniatura.
Via Baratto 39 in 36015 Schio, Italy

Museo di Pietrarsa - Plastico Trecentotreni

Il famoso plastico Trecentotreni, lungo 18 metri e largo più di 2.
Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa, Traversa Pietrarsa 80055, Portici, Napoli

Plastico San Giuliano

VBF Group - Vincenzo Bologna Ferromodellista

Il plastico modulare dalla stazione di Follonica e San Vincenzo.


Hara Model Railway Museum

At the museum, visitors can enjoy a very large model railway layout in gauge one (1/32 scale).

鉄道博物館 ~ Railway Museum

This railway museum was opened in 2007. It is located in the city of Saitama, Japan. It recounts the history of railway in Japan, exhibits many previously used train cars, teaches train operation using interesting simulators, and explains railway technology as it evolved over the years. Inside the museum, there is Japan's largest model railroad diorama. This diorama was renewed in July 2017. For example, there are scale models of the famous Shinkansen train in 1/87 scale or conventional model trains in 1/80 scale. It is a very large diorama.


MinNature Malaysia

MinNature Malaysia is Asia's largest and the world's third largest permanent indoor miniature train exhibition. There are 17,000 square feet of exhibition space. Every single railroad element in MinNature is handcrafted and handmade in Malaysia. It's the world's largest 3D printed miniature wonderland, located in the city of Subang Jaya, in the south of Kuala Lumpur.


Miniworld Rotterdam

This wonderful miniature world of 535 m² presents the Dutch landscapes in HO scale. There is a whole world to discover, for example, the modern and historic architecture of the city of Rotterdam or the largest indoor miniature port of Europe.


Gamlebyen Modelljernbanesenter

The Gamlebyen Modelljernbanesenter (Old Town Model Railway Center) is a model railroad exhibit of more than 400 square meters in HO scale, located in the city of Fredrikstad, Norway. In the Nordic region this exhibit is the largest railway display and has become one of the most important attractions in Fredrikstad. They started in 2010 with their first display of 270 square meters. In 2012, they built the next area of 130 square meters. Today, there are two kilometers of railway track, 35 different locomotives and impressive landscapes in scale 1/87.


Kolejkowo in Gliwice

Inside the Shopping Centre Europa Centralna in Gliwice, there is a miniature world of authentic Silesian structures, for example the railway station in Gliwice along with platforms or the Town Office in Gliwice. And, there is a western city called "Wild Gliwice".

Kolejkowo in Wrocław

The creators of Kolejkowo, the largest model railway Poland, have built a huge and vibrant model picturing the wonderful Lower Silesia. Kolejkowo is located in one of the oldest railway stations in Wrocław, the so-called Świebodzki Station.


Grand Maket Rossija : Гранд Макет Россия

The Grand Maket Rossiya is a private model train museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The model railway layout is built in 1/87 scale and covers an area of 800 m² or 8,600 sq ft. In this miniature world landscapes of Russia are represented.


Barcelona en Miniatura

This model railroad layout presents the city of Barcelona, Spain, in the early 1930's.

Catalunya en Miniatura

The scale model exhibition is a theme park that allows visitors to see the most important places of Catalonia, Spain. With more than 48 models from Gothic, Romanesque and modernism or the most modern infrastructure. La Sagrada Familia, Montserrat, Camp Nou, Rupit, Columbus Monument, will transport the geography of the province of Barcelona. With over 16 models walk the province of Gerona, highlighting the Costa Brava and its beaches and the area Mountain ski resorts in the Pyrenees. With over 22 models represent this province and you can see the Romanesque of the Vall de Boi, highlight Pyrenees and ski resorts. With over 18 models visitors will see in the walk from the Roman Tarraco to the petrochemical industry, its cathedral and highlight the Costa Dorada. Antoni Gaudí and his work is reproduced with fidelity and appreciation. In the park visitors can see the models of the works in Catalunya and buildings rest of the peninsula and the Balearic Isles. The models are built in 1/25 and 1/33 scale.


It is a kind of model railway museum. The railroad layout takes 250 m² in HO gauge. There are 1,000 meters of track, 660 buildings, 6,000 trains and 2,000 lights.

Railhome BCN

The Railhome BCN exhibition may be one of the world’s biggest model railroad layouts.


Hässleholms Modelljärnvägsförening

Hässleholms Modelljärnvägsförening, a Swedish model railroad association in the city of Hässleholm, was formed in June 2004. The members built a very large model railway layout in scale 1/87. There are more than 700 m² showing Hässleholm railway station and surrounding stations in the municipality. The model trains run completely in digital operation according to the DCC standard. Tracks, couplings, etc. follow NEM standard.


Chemins de fer du Kaeserberg

The Kaeserberg railway layout is elevated on three floors in 1/87 scale. The whole layout measures 2,045 meters of railway track on 610 m² ground. It is the largest model railway layout in HO scale in Switzerland. The Kaeserberg railway layout required 17 years of construction.


Stanley MiniVenture

Stanley MiniVenture is the one of the largest miniature worlds in Asia. It is a Thailand's first and only 1/87 scale miniature town, located in the city of Bangkok. This magical town, spanning over a thousand square meters, was created by expert craftsmen.


Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Brighton Toy and Model Museum has over ten thousand toys and models in its archive. There are toys from as early as the mid 18th century, however, most of the exhibits focus on the golden age of toy making during the first half of the Twentieth Century. The displays have toys of all types including priceless model train collections and many period, antique toys from Great Britain and all over Europe and the U.S.

Gainsborough Model Railway Society

The Gainsborough Model Railway layout is one of the largest model railways in O gauge, depicting The East Coast Main Line from Kings Cross to Leeds Central. This is no ordinary model railway, but a truly remarkable product of the model makers art. The layout covers 2,500 square feet and has over 1,200 feet of main line track. There are 150 locomotives, 100 coaches, 200 wagons and vans, 9 stations, etc.

Wroxham Miniature Worlds

Wroxham Miniature Worlds is the largest indoor modelling attraction in the UK stretching over 10,000 square feet with some of the largest model railways in the world on permanent public display. The attraction is made up of many zones including model railways in various scales, slot car displays, a whole city made from Lego bricks, model boat displays and a host of toys from across the decades there is something for the whole family.


Gulliver's Gate New York

Leave the Land of Large and enter an amazing new experience, located at the crossroads of the world, Times Square. A full city block wide, Gulliver's Gate is a technologically advanced, interactive and immersive world of miniatures that will ignite your imagination and challenge your perspective.

Northlandz Model Railroad Museum

Northlandz is a model railroad layout and museum located near Flemington, New Jersey, built by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino. Northlandz boasts hundreds of bridges and trains.

Pasadena Model Railroad Club

Take a journey through California’s railroad history at the Pasadena Model Railroad Club. Pasadena Model Railroad Club (PMRRC) operates one of the largest HO scale model railroads in the world, the 5,000 square foot Sierra Pacific Lines.

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Located in Balboa Park in the heart of the city, the San Diego Model Railway Museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of railroading. With 27,000 square feet of exhibit space, the museum is home of some of the largest HO and N scale layouts of their types. There are two massive HO scale layouts, a 1,200 square feet N scale layout, a 2,700 square feet O scale layout, and a Lionel type 3-Rail O gauge Toy Train gallery.