■ Beautiful Narrow Gauge Model Trains with Realistic Catenary made by Niek Talsma

This amazing model railway layout was built by Niek Talsma from the Netherlands. Although he lives in Holland, he is a friend of the railroad in Switzerland, especially of the narrow gauge railway lines. His beautiful model trains are running through the mountain landscape of Switzerland. Central focus is the realistic catenary or overhead power line. All locomotives are operated with their current collector or pantograph on the overhead contact wires, and the passenger cars and trains have got interior lighting. Enjoy this modular railway layout with a size of 8.0 meters x 1.0 meters.

■ More videos about model trains

Actually, there are more than 250 videos about model railroading and railway modelling, for example, on Dailymotion and YouTube. Please, visit also Pilentum's Facebook site.