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The World's Largest Model Railway in HO scale

We always thought that the "Northlandz" model railroad layout, located near Flemington in New Jersey, built by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, would be the world's largest model railroad. But it is not. The world's largest is Germany's "Miniature Wonderland" taking 1,300 square meters or 13,993 sq ft of model area. It's a miniature world of superlatives. This model train layout is one of Germany's greatest tourist attractions in the city of Hamburg, see on the Internet.

There are a day and night simulation, more than 300,000 LED immerse the model train layout, and more than 900 model trains. The most recent attraction is the smallest commercial airport, called "Knuffingen Airport". There are more than 40 airplanes, starting and landing or taxing on the airport apron. Finally, it's hard to describe this model railway exhibition with words. The model railway layout is divided into eight sections: 1) America and the United States on 100 square meters, 2) Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) on 300 square meters, 3) The city of Hamburg on 200 square meters, 4) The fictitious city of Knuffingen on 120 square meters, 5) Harz and central Germany on 120 square meters, 6) Knuffingen Airport on 150 square meters, 7) Austria, Bavaria and the Alps on 100 square meters and 8) Switzerland on 250 square meters. Please, discover the miniature world sections and enjoy more than 700 photos.

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