■ Fantasy Island Model Railroad Layout with Cogwheel Railway or Rack Railway in O Gauge

Imagine there would be a small island, somewhere in the world's seas. And, on this island a cogwheel railway or a rack railway is driving from the port, down in the valley, up to train station on the mountain. In the harbor a passenger ship rocks in the waves, and on the other side of the island a fishing port is located. On the sea, there are a submarine and a lighthouse. This is the whole model railway layout, based on 3 x 3 feet, that was built by Thomas Schmid from Switzerland. He named his absolutely amazing display in the French words Île VaOù, and his model train layout was awarded with several prizes, for example at the famous model train exhibit Ontraxs in the Spoorwegmuseum at Utrecht, Netherlands. Please, enjoy the little railway climbing the hills along bridges, along rock faces and along deep fissures in the mountains.

■ More videos about model trains

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